School of Engineering, Tokai University

Fabrication of water-repellent nanosheets for coverslip-free tissue imaging

High quality visualization of organisms and tissues can provide a powerful approach to understand cellular functions in a systematic manner. So far, state-of-the-art microscopy techniques enable us to image living tissues in three dimensions with a high resolution. However, sample preparation is still reliant much on the know-how of researchers. Samples are often observed via coverslip, resulting in the issue of aberration due to the different reflective index of tissues and glasses. We have developed freestanding ultra-thin polymer films (often called nanosheets) with a thickness of less than 100 nm. The nanosheets represent unique properties such as good adhesiveness and a high degree of transparency. In this study, we propose a novel wrapping mount of water-repellent nanosheets for coverslip-free tissue imaging. We expect that the technique could be improved the issues of aberration and working distance of objective lens.