Toshiyuki HAMADA

International University of Health and Welfare

Development of program for real-time tracking of gene expression in individual living tissues in freely moving mice

Based on the bioluminescence phenomenon caused by the luciferin-luciferase reaction, we aim to establish a simultaneous measurement system and an analytical program that will allow for real-time, whole-body quantitative determination of clock gene expression in individual tissues (body surface, deep brain regions, organs, etc.) in freely moving mice using a novel in vivo optical imaging technique. In addition to the determination of gene expression, the optical imaging technique will be applied to the development of algorithms that correlate various behaviors, thereby allowing for comprehensive data analysis in the same individual over a long time. Moreover, using this system, sequential dynamic observation of complex vital functions will be performed at the individual level, as well as standardization of health status and elucidation of time- and age-dependent disease onset mechanisms.