Research Institute for Science, Hokkaido University

Improvement and applications of fast in vivo imaging using vector beams

Optical observations and measurements enable us to visualize and to analyze dynamics of various molecules and cells simultaneously at a higher spatial and temporal resolutions. Recently, we have improved “in vivo” two-photon microscopy to realize 3D live imaging as well as have advanced super-resolution microscopy by utilizing a novel laser beam, “vector beam”.

In our study, we will improve the spatial resolution and the penetration depth for visualization and analyses of faster phenomena inside the living body under an intact condition, by introducing a spatial light modulator into the multi-beam scanning-type in vivo two-photon microscope. Especially, we would like to realize a new imaging method utilizing various molecular information including molecular orientations, by taking advantages of vector beams. We finally hope that interdisciplinary resonances in this program will spawn a new field of “in vivo resonant imaging” that gives us an insight on emergence of biological functions from detailed live image information.