Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Development of super-resolution real-time molecular imaging technology in the deep part of a biotissue

As an application of single-molecule fluorescence imaging method, super-resolution fluorescence microscopy was developed to obtain spatial resolution of several tens of nanometers beyond the limit of the resolution of conventional optical microscopy. However, the conventional super-resolution observation was limited to the observation in the vicinity of about 1 μm from the cell surface, in order to remove blur due to aberration and the influence of background light of other fluorescent molecules. In order to solve these problems, we will develop super-resolution fluorescence microscopy in the deep part of the living body. Specifically, we will conduct research on the following two items
1. Development of real time super-resolution single molecule tracking method using spontaneously blinking super resolution probe
2. Development of super-resolution observation method in the deep part of a biotissue using confocal, two-photon excitation microscopy and adaptive optics