Ryoma BISE

Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University

Robust and versatile multi object tracking in dense culture condition and their application

In the biological research, cell and molecular level biological phenomena are observed as 2D and 4D(3D+time) images by new imaging technologies to elucidate the principle of biological phenomena. In such research, quantitative and data analysis technologies for the biological images captured in a state similar to in vivo are important. However, in vivo, observation targets such as cells and molecules are distributed in a high density. This makes it difficult to quantify the metrics of behaviors and shapes from such images, and this is critical in biological research.
In this research, we are developing multi-object tracking methods for realizing robustness and versatility in high density, and we will apply the tracking methods and data analysis techniques to analyze the behaviors of cells and molecules. This makes the objective data analysis and scale up to big data easy. Our goal is to contribute to innovation in the biological field by developing such tracking methods and data analysis techniques.