Kohei SOGA

Tokyo University of Science

Deeper and Precise Fluorescence Bioimaging through the Second Biological Window (SBW)

The project group members have developed fluorescence bioimaging system in over-1000-nm (OTN) near infrared (NIR) wavelength range, in other word, second biological window (SBW) for avoiding the problems caused by short wavelength lights such as color fading, photo toxicity,autofluorescene, and namely scattering loss to limit the observation depth within several mm. To date, they have realized the small animal fluorescence imaging with several cm observation depth by developing both fluorescent materials and imaging system for the SBW.

Current objectives of the group for the innovative bioimaging in the SBW are a) the development of brighter fluorescence probes, b) the development of precise imaging system for capillary blood vessel or nerves and c) the development of three dimensional imaging system by utilizing the observation depth. As for the objective a), beside the optimization of RED-CNP, which has been developed by the group, we will develop the imging probe with the organic dyes for the SBW which can only be luminescent in hydrophobic environment. The biofunctionalization of the hydrophobic nano-gel doped with the dyes is the major focus. The objective b) will be achieved by introducing high resolution camera and the lens system for the semi-macro imging. The third one, c), will be achieved by designing and developing CT system and/or confocal system working together with YOKOTA group.