Hiroyuki HIOKI

Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine

Development of bio-imaging technology to combine multi-hierarchical structure information

To clarify neuronal circuit structure, its complex hierarchical system should be e;ucidted from the whole-brain level to the synapse level. We have previously analyzed the axonal projection patterns of central neruons at the single-neuron level with the aim of elucidating the fundamental organization of the central nervous system by finding common “rules and principles.” However, the methods used thus far have presented many problems from the perspectives of technical limitation and experimental efficiency. Therefore, in this research, we will solve problems associated with conventional methods by promoting the development of (A) fundamental technology to thoroughly label target neurons for high-speed and high-resolution imaging; (B) fundamental technology to label pre- and post-synaptic structures using thick specimens; and (C) practical application of seamless analysis of “macro-mezzo-micro” circuits on each scale. Moreover, we will also deploy electron microscopy (EM) imaging to achieve ultrafine structural analysis beyond the scope of light microscopy (LM).