RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics

BioImage Processing

Combining molecular design and photonics dramatically improves bioimaging technology and such ResonanceBio approach has recently attracted a considerable attention in modern science communities. On the other hand, it is difficult to process/manage the images generated by such new imaging technology via conventional techniques. Therefore, we are working on new bioimage processing techniques for ResonanceBio images such as cloud-based image database for unified image management, image processing software including GUI for biologists, and new algorithms/models for the images. We are also planing to make our results available not only for this project but also for general academic use.

Our research consists of the following four subjects.

  1. Image processing algorithms: objective pattern analysis and fundamental methodology.
  2. 3D image reconstruction: computational methods for imaging and image reconstruction.
  3. Software and systems: image processing software (VCAT) and cloud-based system.
  4. Facilitating interdisciplinary research: image processing algorithm contest, workshops, and conferences.

Our research is based on cutting-edge image processing techniques and new algorithms, and is attempt to unify management, processing, and analysis of the images which are very different from conventional images in terms of its features and amounts.  Moreover, we hope that our research will play an important role in combining biology, optics, chemistry, and computer science by collaboratingwith the other teams in this project.